In Memoriam: Bar Vasquez

"Pazo had its own life - as though it was a reasonable creature that took a deep breath and was suddenly a monster in ways unexpected. I recall getting ready for the first night when 600 people were on the reservation books. I was over-excited and admittedly a little scared.  I broke down and asked the bar for an ounce (or perhaps a bit more) of whiskey.  The spirit had zero effect - too much adrenaline - and away we went off to the races.  That restaurant changed my life and I think a few others. 

Bar Vasquez paid tribute to Cindy’s mentor and was something we had wanted to do for a long time.  We have been proud of the work we have done there, especially the growth of so many members of the team past and present.  The time has come to consolidate our team so that we can fulfill the service standards you expect from us." 

HubSpot Video



Table Settings 


Bar Before Service 


View from the Balcony 




Evening Glow 

BV Work Party 7

Thank you to everyone who ever walked in the doors at Bar Vasquez. 

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